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"As a coach I thought it was beneficial in terms of keeping record of who scored, assists, game time etc.

The players enjoyed the competitive element of it across the board and not just within their own team.

It was worth while signing up and something I would recommend to all clubs in the future"

James Daly 

Manager @ Linfield FC (N. Ireland)

"The fantasy football has been a real asset to us during the season. The players have really enjoyed keeping an eye on their scores as well as watching other players across the leagues.


It has provided a new and interesting dimension to our season and we are really looking forward to using it again next season".

Barrie  Kelly

Manager @ Cookstown FC (N. Ireland)

"The Fantasy Football was an interesting weekly addition to our teams WhatsApp group. Lads were keen every week to see their scores and where they sat in the table.


It also brought some light hearted healthy competition among the group and lads thoroughly enjoyed debating it each week.


I definitely recommend it to bring some comradery to a club"

Barry Baggley

Manager @ Rosario FC (N. Ireland)

"The team thoroughly enjoyed the friendly competitiveness the fantasy football league brought to the club.


It always sparked a lively debate after games about who was going to win it and even before games players would be joking with each other about 'getting their points up today' "

Jonathan Evans

Player @ Harry's FC (Cayman Islands)

"Fantasy football definitely brought a competitive side to players, everyone wanted to be top of the league.

As a defender, we were always trying to keep clean sheets for the team, and the points.


You could also tell the team were more motivated to attack and score goals to increase their points and of course 'help the team"

Andy Morrow

Player @ Rosario FC (N. Ireland)

"The lads really enjoyed the fantasy football, they shared great banter with it on training nights. 


It was very professionally done, and easy to access. It's a credit to your team, keep up the good work"

Mark Johnston

Manager @ Warrenpoint FC (N. Ireland)

"As the season was cut short we didn't get the chance to maximize its potential. Saying that, the boys did enjoy it"

Stephen Archer

Manager @ Ridgeway Rovers FC (N. Ireland)

"The boys loved it, tallying up the assists was great fun after the match, with some dodgy claims"

Philip Devlin

Manager @ Oxford United Stars FC (N. Ireland)

"It's good craic for the friendly rivalry it gets going among the team. Boys look forward to seeing it updated and there was always an argument about an assist or someones current position"

Eamon Carlin

Player @ Rosario FC (N. Ireland)

"The players really enjoyed it. There was always plenty of chatter when the league leader changed and there were always 'disagreements' on who actually should be awarded an assist.

It also gives players that extra incentive to score more goals, supply more assists and keep clean sheets"

Tom Marsh

Coach @ Evo Academy (Qatar)

"The fantasy football league was a big hit with the team..

As a player it encourages you to get more 'points for the team' with clean sheets, goals etc.."

Kevin Goodwin

Player @ Harry's FC (Cayman Islands)

"The lads have really enjoyed the fantasy football, as I would have uploaded the link straight away on the parents WhatsApp group and the general feedback was each player would have commandeered their parents phone to see who was in what position. 


As we are/were challenging on winning the league the boys have taken great interested in the app, and it is great to see our goalkeeper in fourth position"

David Whittle

Manager @ Dungannon Swifts FC (N. Ireland)

"It's great to check your own performance using Pro-Stats throughout the season. Its a bit of craic with your team mates too"

Brian Downey

Player @ Rosario FC (N. Ireland)

"The players really enjoyed it and looked forward to the updates every week. We like to give them all game time so each player receives points each week."

Sean Moreland 

Manager @ St. Oliver Plunkett FC (N. Ireland)

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